Segment 4: Yew Avenue to ______

(formerly Gateway District)

Guiding traffic from the edge of Bend toward Redmond, the Gateway District introduces motorists and bicyclists to the highway. This section has very minimal development relative to other parts of the highway, with only a few homes and a small business area at the north end off of exit 124.

For many, the interchange at US 97 and Yew Avenue signifies the official entrance into Redmond. Because of that, proposals have been made to incorporate Art Deco-style monuments or sculptures that hint at the same theme found in Redmond. Monuments of stone and steel would line the highway, complementing the existing features.

Project teams are in the process of assessing potential improvements in this area. Stay tuned for updates on concepts being considered.

Segment 3

Connectivity for Neighborhoods & Commerce

In the future, the segment of Odem Medo to Yew Avenue could benefit from improved circulation and connectivity between its neighborhoods, commercial businesses and the highway. A potential backage road might offer access to businesses at a slower speed to encourage commerce. A canal crossing and recreational path along the canal, along with road extensions, could improve convenience in moving around the neighborhoods.